I am Strong, I am Powerful, I am Worthy of Love

By Smangele Gumede · Oct 28, 2020


As I go around every day I speak to many women, and I listen carefully as they describe how they feel about themselves. Often, some of them express how they feel ugly, how they feel as though nothing they do is good enough, how they feel things aren’t working out, and at times, they even call themselves stupid or inadequate.


This really hurts me. It hurts most because I know these are such amazingly beautiful, talented, and intelligent women, yet they say such hurtful and negative statements about themselves. I know it’s sometimes hard to be a woman because we do a lot for our children, spouses, communities, neighbours, and even the church. We seldom get appreciated for all the things we do. There’s always more expected from of us. Some women even endure harsh criticism, while others are called really hurtful names, even after having done so much. I can honestly understand why some women feel depressed and call themselves all sorts of negative words.

I want you, my dear friends, to know that you are the most powerful being on this earth. You are so gorgeous, talented, intelligent, and special. You are a daughter of the Most High God.  You have a Divine Nature, a real gem. You matter more than you can ever imagine.


Do not allow any negative words said to you or about you affect you. These are just words, and honestly, they have no power over you. You are powerful, and the negative things said about you are only to get you down, so can you doubt yourself. They are just lies, crafted by the devil to make you miserable, even as he is. You are a daughter of God, your heritage is not of this earth, but comes all the way from heaven.

You are precious. I am pleading with you my friends to stop saying or repeating negative words about yourselves to anybody, yourselves included. I am inspired by my daughter’s attitude about herself and who she is. Each time I call and ask how she is, she says, “I am beautiful “. I have copied her inspiring attitude, and when anyone asks me how I am, I tell them, “I am fabulous, I am fantastic“ even when things are not going my way. I have noticed that each time I say positive things about myself, my bad mood immediately changes into a great mood.

My friends, you are good enough. You are doing the best you can in whatever you do. That is what is great about you. If whatever you try does not work out, be grateful for the opportunity. Thank God for it and move on. Forgive yourselves and know that you have the power to create change in your lives.

You are worthy of love, respect and joy. All this is made possible when you put your trust in the Lord. The Lord is your Shepherd, your Savior and Redeemer, and if you are rooted in Christ, nothing will be impossible for you. The Lord will be your Guide, an ever-present Help for you. Just look unto Him, doubt not and fear not, you are a Royal daughter of the Almighty God. Repeat only positive words, keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, feast on His words and you will be just fine.

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